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Accountancy News

April 2009

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Europe could get tough with Bankers


The European Commission could act to reclaim some of the wages paid to City bankers.Europe's internal markets commissioner, Charlie McGreevy, said he would put forward legislation which would give ...

Firms may have to publish staff salaries


Firms may be required to publish the salaries of their staff, under the terms of the Equalities Bill announced today.By producing gender pay audits, companies would then make it clear if they paid ...

Civil servants face efficiency drive


Workers in the civil service could be forced out of work if the government looks for more savings, the Times has reported.Today's so-called 'Budget for Jobs' will reveal extra funding for training ...

Workers 'happy to take pay cuts'


Workers are happy to take pay cuts to save their jobs, research finds.According to a poll of 2,500 adults by campaign group Keep Britain Working, nearly a third of employees would accept a change of ...

Executive recruitment 'tighter'


Job vacancies at executive-level in businesses across the UK are becoming increasingly competitive as the economic gloom continues, it has been suggested.While the recession has seen people at all ...

Ulster bankers avoid RBS job cuts


Bankers in Northern Ireland have been told they will not be affected by further job cuts announced by Ulster Bank's parent company, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).RBS has now said up to 4,500 jobs ...

Companies should pay more to pensions when times are good, say experts.


Companies should be prepared to pay more into workplace pensions schemes when they are performing well, says the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).By moving to a more "counter-cyclical" ...

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