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December 2008

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Londoners 'earning the most'


Employees in London are still earning more than workers in any other part of the country, it has been revealed. A new survey shows that those with jobs in the capital are on an average salary of ...

Desk bound workers must speak up over back problems


People who sit at desks in their job should make sure that they see a doctor as soon as back ache occurs, the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) has said. Kelston Chorley, the head of professional ...

Rude work emails a part of life, expert suggests


Workers should get used to the idea of rude emails, an expert has said. Many people are finding that colleagues will say things electronically that they would never say face to face but it is ...

FSB concerned about rural businesses


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has voiced concern that rural businesses are likely to be affected more over Christmas by the economic situation. A survey of 500 FSB members found that 60 ...

Interview skills important for jobseekers


People on the hunt for jobs must make sure that their interview skills and CVs are up to scratch, an expert has said. Joe McDermott, the CEO of interview skills training service Interviewgold.com, ...

Public sector jobs more appealing during economic downturn


Public sector jobs are increasingly in demand, an employment expert has said. The current economic crisis is pushing people away from the private sector, with public jobs offering better pay and more ...

Office staff 'need their exercise'


Workers in office environments need to make sure they get regular breaks from their computer and integrate exercise into their day, according to one expert.Almost all positions have need of a ...

Treasury set to guarantee new business loans


The Treasury is set to guarantee a new business initiative, which will prompt lenders to release extra cash to UK businesses, the Times has reported.The paper said it learnt of a scheme whereby the ...

Bankers told 'you are accountable'


Bankers and accountants have been told they will be held accountable for the UK's economic performanceTory leader David Cameron also asked for the Financial Services Authority to be more involved in ...

Bank merger could bring further losses


A merger between Lloyds TSB and HBOS is under consideration today - should the deal go ahead as many as 60,000 jobs could be lost.Estimations vary, although the Scotsman has said between 20,000 and ...

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