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Accountancy Interview Tips & Questions

We have put together this helpful section in order to provide you with some handy tips and techniques for securing the best outcome from your next interview. The following pages are directly relevant to the accountancy sector and you should find them of interest.

These articles on accountancy interview tips have been formulated and written by HR professionals for your perusal:-

1. Preparation and Research
Careful preparation and research is the key to success. We show you how do you decide which job to apply for and how you can stand out from other candidates.

2. Quality Presentation
Once you have secured the Interview we show you how to make a good impression on the day

3. Pitfalls and Bear Traps
Here we highlight how to handle those tricky interview questions that Accountants may get asked

4. Second Interview Tips
If you get invited back for a second time, you know you are in the running. Here we provide tips on how to secure that job offer

5. Closing the deal
Once you get offered the job we show you how to negotiate the best possible terms and how to put your negotiating skills to best use.

We also provide here some other additional handy reading information and material on this subject that have been submitted to us by other parties. We hope that you also find these articles of interest:-

6. Interview questions – What to ask?
Submitted to us by a candidate, this article covers the interview process in a candid fashion highlighting some of the interview questions and views experienced during the interview process.

7. How to complete a successful interview
Another article submitted to us taking a more general approach to the interview process. It’s good solid general practical advice that you may find of interest.

8. Answering Tough Interview Questions
In this submitted article a few of the popular tough interview questions are highlighted and tips are offered on answering them.

9. Telephone interview Techniques
This article submitted explores how to deal with telephone interviews and provides some tips and guidance on what to say and do.